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Timeless Tea & Tech

Colossus helped break Hitler’s top-secret encrypted messages and the Bombe revealed enemy operations. You can see working reconstructions of these machines in action and hear the incredible stories of how ingenuity of the people at Bletchley Park undermined and defeated the enemy.

And after you’ve seen and heard the action, enjoy a cup of tea and coffee, scones and cake.

You will receive a selection of items including:

  • Selection of Finger Sandwiches or Filled Rolls (Cucumber, Ham, Cheese and Pickle, Egg mayonnaise)

  • Plain Scones

  • Lemon Drizzle sponge cake

  • Tomato and Cheese Mini Quiches

  • Chocolate strawberries / Chocolate brownies

Come along to see this extraordinary display, available nowhere else in the world, at The National Museum of Computing.